Y'All Conferences

Y’All Conference is the oldest of all of the regional conferences in the Kiwanis Family and is dedicated to the personal growth and development of all Circle K’ers.  Started in 1978, the conference rotates between Alabama, Georgia, and six wild card districts.  Alabama and Georgia, along with Capital, Florida, Kentucky-Tennessee, Louisiana-Mississippi-West Tennessee, Texas-Oklahoma, and West Virginia, comprise the Y’All Districts.


1979    Rock Eagle, GA

1980    Unknown (Carolinas)

1981    Unknown (Alabama)

1982    Rock Eagle, GA

1983    Hickory Knob, NC

1984    Unknown (Alabama)

1985    Unknown (Georgia)

1986    Unknown (Carolinas)

1987    Lake Junalaska, AL

1988    Snowed Out!

1989    Helen, GA

1990    Folley Beach, SC

1991    Not Held

1992    Gainesville, GA

1993    Gainesville, GA

1994    Destin, FL

1995    Tuscaloosa, AL

1996    Amicalola Falls, GA

1997    Charleston, SC

1998    Biloxi, MS

1999    Williamsburg, VA

2000    Gulf Shores, AL

2001    Savannah, GA

2002    St. Petersburg, FL

2003    Orange Beach, AL

2004    Jekyll Island, GA

2005    Huntsville, AL

2006    Williamsburg, VA

2007    Jekyll Island, GA

2008    Mobile, AL

2009    Mt. Pleasant, SC

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