District Officers

Additional officer and committee chair information may also be found on the GA CKI History tab under each respective year.


Every attempt will be made to properly identify individuals who served as a District Officers.  If you started a term and did not complete it, your name may not be listed.


We have current contact information for the people whose names are in bold on this list.  If you know where one or more of our past Governors are (or perhaps are one of them!) and their names are not bolded, would you please contact the webmaster asap?  Thanks!

Georgia Circle K Governors







J. M. Buchanan



Reinhardt College

1961 John E. Stroud Reinhardt College
1962-1963 Don Bright Gordon Military College
1963 Douglas A. Lee* Reinhardt College
1964 Jimmy Massey Emory College
1965 Joseph P. Stoner Georgia Tech
1965-1966 Ralph Fackler Columbus College
1966-1967 David R. Willard* University of Georgia 
1967-1968 Marvin H. Foster University of Georgia
1968-1969 Thomas W. Ryman University of Georgia
1969-1970 Berry P. Ladd University of Georgia
1970-1971 David A. Bell West Georgia College
1971-1972 Jim Owensby Mercer College 
1972-1973 Jim Owensby Mercer College 
1973-1974 Rick Martin Medical College of Georgia
1974-1975 Art Smith Georgia Tech
1975-1976 Phil Patterson Gainesville Junior College
1976-1977 Biff Hutchinson Georgia Tech
1977-1978 Mary Beth Jordon University of Georgia
1978-1979 Ronnie Fennel Georgia Southern
1979-1980 Bucky Highsmith University of Georgia
1980-1981 Stephen B. Hall University of Georgia
1981-1982 Carolyn Richar Emory University
1982-1983 Jeff Jowdy University of Georgia
1983-1984 Les Seagraves University of Georgia
1984-1985 Teresa Spurlock University of Georgia
1985-1986 Julie Gillespie Emory University
1986-1987 Bill Barber Emory University
1987-1988 Brian Barnett University of Georgia
1988-1989 Deborah Dewberry Berry College
1989-1990 Kris Swanson Georgia Tech
1990 Kelly Cramer University of Georgia
1990-1991 Ali D. Tabatabai University of Georgia
1991-1992 Keith Baskette Georgia Tech
1992-1993 Renee Rittner Emory University
1993-1994 Vivian Davis Kennesaw State College
1994-1995 Lance Richardson Southern Tech
1995-1996 Jacob Bedford Georgia Tech
1996-1997 Benjamin Armour Gainesville College
1997-1998 Mark Snyder Georgia Tech
1998-1999 Julie Bailey Wesleyan College
1999-2000 Jennifer Long Agnes Scott College
2000-2001 Carol H. King Agnes Scott College
2001-2002 Rebecca L. Baum Agnes Scott College
2002-2003 Devin M. Harris Wesleyan College
2003-2004 John Schnick Georgia Tech
2004-2005 Patsy Wilcher East Georgia College
2005-2006 Katie Hunley Georgia Tech
2006-2007 Blaire Thrasher Georgia Southern
2007 Cheryl Birt Georgia State
2007-2008 Scott Barron ABAC
2008-2009 Scott Barron ABAC



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