Bill Hardy
Bill Hardy

February 22: 


Georgia Has Its First Circle K Club


“Immediately following a visit to the International Convention in Atlantic City in 1949, Dr. George M. Sparks, Vice-President of the Atlanta Club, decided that the Circle K idea could and should be extended into our District.


“Upon his return to his duties as President of the Atlanta Division of the University of Georgia, he started to work by requesting the President of the Atlanta Club to appoint a Circle K Club Committee for 1950 and promptly got busy.  The first Circle K Club has been organized at Dr. Spark’s college with the able assistance of Bill Layton and the strong committee. 


“The Circle K of the Atlanta Division of University of Georgia was organized on February 22, 1950 with a charter membership of 75 selected male students.  It is a junior service club for college men united to render service to the college and the community.  It closely resembles Kiwanis in its administration, policies, and objectives and provides greatly needed stimulant in development of responsibility, community consciousness, and leadership.


“It is interesting to note that many of the Circle K members are already taking a part in the community life while attending college.  This is shown by the fact that they are employed by prominent business concerns scattered throughout Atlanta. 


“The officers of this first Circle K Club are as follows:  President William P. Hardy, Southern Railway Company; Vice-President William Harrison, Gulf Oil Corporation; Secretary John Holbrook, Horned Desk & Fixture Co.; and Treasurer John Manning, Atlanta Journal.


“The Board of Directors is composed of:  Kenneth Bergmann, Hartford Fire Insurance Co.; Guy McGrity, Central of Georgia Railway; James Woodward, Atlanta Journal; Maurice Harbin, Gulf Oil Corporation; and Tommy Williams, Gulf Oil Corporation.”  (Fall Issue of the Georgia Kiwanian)

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