May 29 — “Carrollton (Kiwanis Club) has founded a Circle K Club at West Georgia College.”  (Georgia District Kiwanis March Standings)

July 2 — “Gene Alford, of Northside Atlanta’s Circle K Club at Georgia Tech, who represented Georgia’s 5 Circle K outfits, was elected the first Secretary-Treasurer of the International Organization founded during the Convention.”  (Kiwanis Progress, Georgia District Bulletin No. 13)

Under President Alford, Circle K had the first meeting of an International Board. In addition, Circle K experienced unbelievable growth under Alford's leadership. Three days after his election, President Alford sent the following resolution to the Kiwanis International Board as he attempted to establish Circle K International:

"The Board of Trustees of Kiwanis International recognizes the fact that a group of Circle K men met together at the Kiwanis International Convention in New York in June, 1953 and under the guidance of the Special International Committee on Circle K Clubs drew up a Constitution and Bylaws and set up an International organization. We further acknowledge that this organization is still working under the supervision of the Special International Committee on Circle K Clubs toward the goal of setting up a permanent organization in conjunction with the headquarters of Kiwanis and Key Club. It is the expectation of the Board that at such time as Circle K International becomes financially independent through the organization of more clubs and the strengthening of the present clubs that they will be granted official recognition by the Board of Trustees of Kiwanis International."  (Circle K International website)

August 11 — The Georgia District of Kiwanis is “shooting for 5 new Circle K Clubs.  We have 1—in the 2nd Division.  We hear of 5 or 6 more incubating.  We’ll get most of them.” (Kiwanis Progress, Georgia District Bulletin)

September 16 — The Convention Headliners reports on activities to be held at the 34th Annual Meet (the Georgia Kiwanis Convention) at which “The YOUNG GEORGIAN honored as the FIRST Secretary-Treasurer of CIRCLE K INTERNATIONAL— born in New York last June – will tell us of the aims of our college-level youth group. He is GENE ALFORD, of Northside Atlanta’s splendid Georgia Tech Chapter.  Tuesday morning. Introduced by Virgil Eady, District Chairman.”

November 13 — “Emory University announces its second ODK Leadership Workshop for High School students in cooperation with Kiwanis Clubs, Key Clubs and the Emory Circle K Club, for Friday-Saturday, December 4 & 5.”  (Kiwanis Progress, Georgia District Bulletin)

November 19 District Objectives 1954:  “...New Circle K Clubs—5.  Each Division & Club should consider and accept its Quota of new clubs.  For information and materials on organizing … new Circle K Clubs, write Virgil Y. Eady, Chairman, Oxford.”

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