October 13 — The Georgia District of Circle K charters with 13 clubs.

(Reported in January 1960) — Governor George T. Smith (Cairo Club) reports in the Georgia District Kiwanian that 36 Circle K members attended the (October 14, 1959) Georgia Kiwanis Mid-Winter Conference at Rock Eagle along with 609 Kiwanians, 2 visiting Kiwanians, the District Key Club Governor, 2 foreign students, 12 Kiwaniannes, and the Sunday evening speaker.

In the same edition, Len B. Powell, Circle K International Trustee and student at the University of Georgia reported on Circle K:  “Circle K in Georgia stepped into the limelight this year as the Georgia District of Circle K became a reality.  There are now 18 clubs in the state, and possibilities are present at more than a dozen other colleges.  By the time Kiwanis reaches its 50th Anniversary, Circle K membership should double.  Two clubs have already been established this school year.

“The Circle K District was organized at a convention held at Rock Eagle a day previous to the Kiwanis Mid-Winter Conference (in 1959).  Ten of the clubs were represented.  Talks by Kiwanis Governor George T. Smith, International Trustee R. Glenn Reed, Jr., and Past International Chairman on Circle K, Robert W. Thal, gave the delegates much entertainment and information.  Circle K International Trustee Len B. Powell presided until the District Officers were elected, as follows:  Jim Buchanan, Reinhardt College, Governor; Secretary, Steve Burrell, University of Georgia; Treasurer, Tommy Sessions, Valdosta State College.  Six Lt. Governors were also elected to complete the Board of Trustees.

“The Circle K men were unanimous in expressing their appreciation to the men of Kiwanis for all they have done to promote Circle K.  Mr. J. R. Griggs should receive particular thanks for his continuous efforts.  Kiwanians will see their efforts rewarded as these campus leaders become leaders in the communities.”

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