1960 -1969 Highlights:

v      It is reported that members representing 19 Circle K Clubs, Kiwanians, Faculty Advisors and other guests attended the Eighth Annual Georgia District Circle K Convention April 28-30, 1967 in Augusta, establishing a record high attendance of 238 people.


v      30 Georgia Circle Kers attend the Circle K International Convention in Ottawa, Canada August 27-30, 1967.


v      By March 1968, Georgia Circle K has 29 clubs with over 650 members.  They have 8 divisions (Cherokee, Hills of Habersham, Metro Atlanta, Chattahoochee, Old Capital, Coastal, Okefenokee, and Old South).


v      At the District Convention in April 1968 in Atlanta, 198 Circle K members and 65 guests were registered. 


v      At the 10th Annual Georgia District Circle K Convention in 1969, some 200 Circle Kers and 50 guests are in attendance.

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