Ralph Fackler (Columbus College), 1965-66 Governor

May-June 1965 Circle K Convention Notes:  “On April 16-18 a most successful and best attended Circle K District Convention thus far was held, with more than 120 Circle K members and Kiwanians in attendance.  The meeting, held at Jekyll Island, was well-run by now Past Governor Joe Stoner.  The delegates elected Ralph Fackler of Columbus College, as Governor to lead them in the “Building” year ahead.  Ralph plans to transfer to Emory University in January 1966.

“Other Circle K District Officers elected for 1965-66 were Jim Winn, Secretary, Emory University; Bill England, Treasurer, LaGrange College; Lt. Governors — Sammie L. Bodie, Augusta College; Rusty Rodriquez, Emory University; Bill Dawkins, South Georgia College; John Bone, Georgia Southwestern College; Tommy McCormick, Columbus College; Dan Land, Reinhardt College.

“Jack E. McGraw (left), the Kiwanis District Chairman of Circle K and Advisor to this fine group of young men deserve much credit for his diligent work in behalf of this Kiwanis sponsored organization.  Three new Circle K Clubs were chartered during the first four months of this year.  He expects to charter clubs at two more colleges and hopes to re-establish clubs at three other colleges.”  (Georgia District Kiwanian)

August 1965 – At the International Convention in Miami Beach, FL Berry College wins Honorable Mention in the Achievement Contest, Silver Division (20-34 members).

November 1965 New Key and Circle K Clubs:  “A new Key Club and a new Circle K Club have recently been added to the number of these organizations in the Georgia District.

“...The new Circle K Club at DeKalb College, Clarkston, Georgia, was organized by the Decatur Kiwanis Club.  This is the fourth new Circle K Club in Georgia this year and gives the District a total of 23 Circle K Clubs.  David F. Sisk is President and Mike Swinford is Secretary of the new club.”  (Georgia District Kiwanian)

The LaGrange Kiwanis Club wins a Georgia Kiwanis District Award for its involvement with Circle K.

February 1966 Circle K: “In these days of campus ferment and unrest, what can Kiwanians do to establish closer ties with Circle K affiliates? A clue to the answer of this problem is contained in the remarks of International Circle K Chairman Gene Lorton, as presented at the Kiwanis International Council meeting last October.

“Says Gene, ‘To make our communications with Circle K members effective and helpful, we must first establish a close rapport by letting them know that we understand and sympathize with their problems — remembering that these young men have never known a world at peace — and remembering too, that the “Quiet Halls of Ivy,” which we knew are no more.’

“Gene goes on to state that the majority of college students are moderates, but that they are largely not heard of because they lack organization and leadership.

“He suggests that Circle K clubs present a meaningful and vital outlet for the moderate point of view, as emphasized by the 1966 Circle K theme: ‘Build Moral Leadership on Today’s Campus — to Serve Tomorrow’s World.’

“As a first step, Gene suggests that Kiwanians work to ‘provide programs of purposeful, patriotic service to counteract the forces of civil-disobedience and out-right subversion at work on many college campuses today.’

“By securing topnotch speakers in the fields of law, government, or military services, Gene notes, the Kiwanis club can do a great deal to present the true picture of our nation’s necessary involvement in international affairs.

“Gene also recommends that clubs work toward presenting programs which show our systems of free enterprise proudly and without apology.

“He suggests such activities as trips for Circle K members and other students to stock exchanges or brokers’ offices, or to large plants, banks and other businesses, where ‘the ebb and flow of trading can be clearly observed.’

“In this and other ways, Gene asserts, Kiwanis, through its Committee on Circle K Clubs, will be demonstrating that it does care, and that it is concerned with youth and their future role as leaders of a free society.”  (Georgia District Kiwanian)

April 1966 Key Clubbers, Circle K Members and Kiwanians Learn First Hand Free Enterprise System:  “Leaders of the Rome (Ga.) Kiwanis Club, Berry College Circle K Club and East Rome, West Rome and Model Key Clubs developed a better understanding of the free enterprise system by their luncheon meeting and extension tour of the Rome, Georgia Electric Medium Transformer Plant on February 28.  Conducting the tour of the plant is Rome Kiwanis Club Director, Will Bethel, who is Manager of Finance of the Rome General Electric Plant.  (Also in attendance are) Blythe Hatcher, Chairman, Circle K Club; Jimmy Burnette, President, Model Key Club; Dennis Bramblett, Secretary, Model Key Club; E. Ralph Ivey, President, Rome Kiwanis Club; Stan Dawson, President, West Rome Key Club; Steve Barnett, Berry Circle K Club; Jackson Ellington, President, Berry College Circle K Club; and Ben Lucas, 1st Vice-President of Rome Kiwanis Club.  (Georgia District Kiwanian)

GA CKI 6th Annual Convention Program 1965
Courtesy of Joe Stoner
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