David R. Willard (University of Georgia), 1966-67 Governor

June 1966 — “In an unusual move, Georgia Kiwanis Governor Alfred O. Blackmar IV allowed newly elected Circle K Governor David Willard to edit a column in the June issue of the Georgia Kiwanian taking over Blackmar’s place in the publication.  Later, Key Club Governor Cris Bagby had a column in the August issue.”  (Frank E. Craven, Kiwanis District History Chair, The Georgia Kiwanian, June 1999)

A Salute Now to Our Circle K Clubs:  “The Seventh Annual Convention of the Georgia District of Circle K International was held April 29-30 and May 1 at Callaway Gardens, presided over by the 1965-66 Circle K Governor, Ralph Fackler of Columbus College. 

“Kiwanian speakers on the program were Dr. R. Glenn Reed, Jr., Kiwanis International President Elect; Alfred O. Blackmar, District Governor; and Dr. Henry T. Malone, District Governor Elect.  The Circle K guests and speakers were Dudley Saleeby, Jr., The Citadel, Vice President Circle K International; Robert P. Smith, Auburn University, Vice President Circle K International; Joe Stoner, International Trustee Circle K International of Georgia Tech; George Meier, Florida Circle K Governor and Fred Koehn, Alabama Circle K Governor.

“During the Convention the following awards were presented: Best Club - Berry College; Best Lieutenant Governor - Wallace Cheney, Emory University; Single Service - Georgia Tech; Attendance - Oxford College of Emory University; Oratory - Bob Deck, University of Georgia; Impromptu Essay - Carl Schwell, Georgia Southwestern.

“The officers elected to serve during 1966-67 are: Governor, David Willard, University of Georgia; Secretary, Wallace H. Cheney, Emory University; Treasurer, Marvin Foster, Columbus College; Lieutenant Governors - Northern Division, Eddie Gardner, Berry College; Metro Atlanta Division, Gordon Mead, Emory University; Old South Division, Joe Rightmyer, Georgia Southwestern; Chattahoochee Division, Gordon Military College; Coastal Division, Jerry J. Wilcher, Georgia Southern; East Central Division, Mike Swinford, University of Georgia.

“The Kiwanis District Chairman and Advisor to this fine organization is Jack E. McGraw of Columbus.  His work with these college men is most commendable and the Kiwanis District of Georgia is indeed indebted to one of our members who is giving much of his time working with these leaders of tomorrow.”  (Georgia District Kiwanian)

January 1967 — “The Kiwanis district chairmen for Key Clubs and Circle K clubs met in Chicago recently for the second annual Kiwanis Youth Leaders Conference.  Chairing the conference was John F. McMahon, New York City, a trustee of Kiwanis International and a member of the International Board of Trustees’ Committee on Sponsored Youth Organizations.  Assisting him were D. Dean Rhoads, Fort Wayne, Indiana, chairman of the Kiwanis International Committee on Key Clubs, and Cord O. Wells, Whitewater, Wisconsin, chairman of the International Committee on Circle K Clubs.  Also in attendance were R. P. “Reg” Merridew, Secretary of Kiwanis International; L. A. “Larry” Hapgood, associate secretary; Robert F. Lucas, director of Key Club International; William H. Jepson, director of Circle K International; and various other members of the General Office staff.

“Work undertaken included a discussion of problems common to all district chairmen, a review of past activities, and plans for the future.   (The meeting was held) in the conference chamber at the Knickerbocker Hotel in Chicago.  (In attendance from Georgia were Key Club Chairman Howard W. Mumford and Circle K Chairman Jack E. McGraw.)”

March 1967 – Governor Henry T. Malone remarks at the Mid-Winter Conference 1967:  “…How many of you sponsor a Key Club or a Circle K Club? (Show of hands)  Gentlemen, please go home and launch a program I’m calling ‘Operation Responsorship’. The word is coined from ‘sponsorship’ and ‘responsible’. What does it mean?  It means to examine thoroughly your relationship to these fine young men, and rededicate yourselves to the sponsorship which is yours.  Be sure that your members know what a Key Club (or Circle K) is, and what your Key Club (or Circle K) is.  Meet with them.  Encourage and publicize their work.  ‘Operation Responsorship.’ Won’t you do this?...”

The Georgia District Kiwanian reports that 55 Circle K Members were there (at the Mid-Winter Conference) for their special conference who also attended portions of the Kiwanis meetings.  The Circle K Governor, David Williard, and Key Club Governor, Chris Bagby, delivered a message to the Kiwanians during one of the general sessions.

March 1967 – Governor Henry T. Malone reiterates his “Operation Responsorship” message in his monthly column in the Georgia Kiwanian. 

“…I hear that among Key Clubbers and Circle K-men the most common answer to the question, ‘What do you want most from Kiwanis?’ is simply, ‘More of Kiwanis.’

“In other words, what these fine and resourceful young men need most from their sponsors is more interest and more attendance.

“More Kiwanians are needed at the meetings of Key Clubbers and Circle K-men, and we don’t mean just the Club Committees charged with maintaining the sponsorship.  These Kiwanis committees should take the initiative in devising methods for getting more Kiwanians to meet with the young men, to involve Key Clubbers and Circle K members in Kiwanis activities, to assist them in career selection or vocational counseling – in short, to make our ‘Operation Responsorship’ come alive in the Georgia District in 1967…  They’ll never forget it and you’ll never regret it.”

GA CKI 7th Annual Convention Program 1966
Courtesy of Joe Stoner
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