1990 - 1999 Highlights

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v      Circle K International institutes a total ban on alcohol at all Circle K events in 1992.


v      In 1993, George “Dad” Gray retires after 18 years of service as Georgia District Circle K Administrator, a record in Circle K International.


v      Ronald P. Jackson serves as District Administrator from 1993-1998.  He retires to become the Georgia Kiwanis Governor in 1999.


v      On June 26, 1995, the Georgia District Circle K Alumni Association (GCAA) is chartered. 


v      The Georgia Circle K Hall of Fame is established in 1995.  George “Dad” Gray and his wife Jeanne “Mom” are the only two charter members.


v      Upon District Administrator Ron Jackson’s retirement in 1998, Dave Kelly is appointed in his place.


v      The Georgia District earns its first DDA in eight years at the 1999 International Convention.  This brings the District’s total to four.



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